# LibreHosters Questionaire ## Petites Singularités Answers 0. _what is your nickname?_ hellekin (https://ps.s10y.eu/@how / @how:disroot.org) 1. _what is the name of the collective you are going to talk about to answer these questions?_ Petites Singularités / 2017 Stemming from different experiences, including Lorea.org & Dyne.org. Long experience with virtualization, email, web hosting... Recently set up a PirateBox for the ZAD. 1. _In the present, how many admins are there in your collective? How many of these are volunteers, how many are paid?_ Only one volunteer. 1. _What services do you offer?_ Discourse / Mastodon / PirateBox / Custom 1. _Roughly how many users do you have?_ About 200 (~ 20 active) 1. _What kind of users do you aim for?_ Activists, commoners, resistance networks. 1. _What backup mechanisms do you use in case your servers catch fire?_ Luck. I have experience setting up secure remote encrypted backup solutions. 1. _Do you charge for services? / How do you fund to cover expenses?_ Charging for custom solutions, depending on the project. For now it's mostly self-funding. 1. _If you are a volunteer, would you work comfortably within a network where collectives employ people?_ Paying people may not be the most important of criteria for collaboration. Ethics is more important. Alliances in free software are good, and people need to eat. 1. _If you are a in a collective that employs people, would you work comfortably with collectives with only volunteers?_ It depends. How do these volunteers eat? I spent for years of my life working for free, squatting and eating freegan. Is that a sustainable model we want to push? Besides, volunteer work needs not be gratis work. So I'm fine working with volunteers, if they're conscious about what they're doing. But if that replaces work, I'm not so sure. 1. _How do you decide, how are hierarchies within your collective?_ We're small, so decision-making is an ongoing conversation. We usually trust each other to make the right choices, usually by affinity with the techniques we want to use and aims we want to achieve. We centralize all our decision-making on our private Discourse. 1. _Would you sign these manifestos?_ - https://we.riseup.net/aktivix/nodataretention - https://chatons.org/en/manifesto I agree with both, and I'm pretty sure our collective agrees too but we don't have a collective position on these manifestos. I used to have `/var/log` mounted as a `tmpfs`. We support Contributopia. 1. _what you would want from the project of this syndicate / network of tech collectives?_ - Configuration files and documentation - A dedication to free software, with a special regard to collective freedoms - Men disempowerment / Women empowerment - Common projects (e.g., PUBLIC, INCOMMON.cc, supporting Contributopia.org & CHATONS) - CDN / VPN / shared infrastructure - Cooperative funding 1. _Would you work comfortably in this network if the network itself employed worker/s?_ Sure, that'd be less work for the rest of us. 1. _Where are your servers hosted?_ Mostly Hetzner.de.