# CloudMeUp Answers ## LibreHosters Questionaire 0. _what is your nickname?_ a9i @a9i:matrix.org 1. _what is the name of the collective you are going to talk about to answer these questions?_ [CloudMeUp](https://dev.cloudmeup.org/) - 2015: a9i and [risca](https://archive.fosdem.org/2017/schedule/speaker/riccardo_scartozzi_risca/) present CloudMeUp as a proof of concept of self-hosting services at [Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference Italia](https://web.archive.org/web/20160307042813/http://ducc.it/programma) - 2016: a9i and risca constitute [SOFTWARE WORKERS](http://softwareworkers.it/) as a limited liability company - January 2018: a9i takes over as a sole proprietor and funds the project CloudMeUp for a two years development program - September 2018: CloudMeUp kickoff, definition of MVP and setup of working environment. 1. _In the present, how many admins are there in your collective? How many of these are volunteers, how many are paid?_ Four people involved: some assigments are paid. 1. _What services do you offer?_ Currently just email. 1. _Roughly how many users do you have?_ Service is in beta and we have only one customer: an accounting firm with ten users. 1. _What kind of users do you aim for?_ Anyone for free services, small companies for premium services 1. _What backup mechanisms do you use in case your servers catch fire?_ Currently We have local backup; a proper solution is under analysis. 1. _Do you charge for services? / How do you fund to cover expenses?_ We have a freemium business model. Start-up costs are self-fundend. 1. _If you are a volunteer, would you work comfortably within a network where collectives employ people?_ We are both free software hacktivist **and** professionals, so, YES 1. _If you are a in a collective that employs people, would you work comfortably with collectives with only volunteers?_ YES (see above) 1. _How do you decide, how are hierarchies within your collective?_ We are so small ... Anyway, do-ocracy and different levels of experience and seniority are good drives for decisions. 1. _Would you sign these manifestos?_ - https://we.riseup.net/aktivix/nodataretention - https://chatons.org/en/manifesto Yes 1. _what you would want from the project of this syndicate / network of tech collectives?_ - standard for interoperability among libre hosters - promote sharing of FLOSS code, in the context of IaC (Infrastructure as Code) 1. _Would you work comfortably in this network if the network itself employed worker/s?_ Yes 1. _Where are your servers hosted?_ OVH