# How to get rid of sagging face and chin # According to a survey of Story readers, sagging faces are a growing concern for those in their 40s. Sagging cheeks, sagging jowls, sagging eyes, and sagging mouths are just some of the problems that come with aging and muscle weakness, which requires adequate care to improve. Therefore, we have conducted a survey of "high cost spa" beauty treatments that are highly cost effective by category. From beauty treatments to facial equipment and stretching, you're sure to find a way to get rid of your sagging face! ## Cost-effective beauty treatments for sagging skin: Self-treatment ## **Cell Cure 4T Plus** The rate of use by professionals in the field is amazing! A facial device that quickly lifts sagging skin. It has four treatment modes, and in just five minutes per use, it can remove dirt that cannot be removed by normal cleansing, as well as train facial muscles. Once you use it, you will want to have it for its visible effects. 120,000 yen / Belega **L&L Skin MIO2** An evolved, cordless version of a [facial beauty device](https://www.llskin.jp/products/mio2/) from a medical device manufacturer. A facial device that uses sub-microwaves (RF). Place the special gel on the electrodes and move them in a circular motion for 8 minutes a time, several times a week, and you will be amazed at how tight your face lines become. Includes 1 bottle of gel ¥68,800 / Beautelligence **Ya-Man Medi-Lift** The ultimate "while-you-watch" facial care device for the lower half of the face in just 10 minutes A lifting mask that simultaneously lifts, strengthens, and releases the face, all of which are necessary for lift care. Both hands are free, so you can use it while doing housework or relaxing. **Halift Roller** A new kind of roller that makes it easy to use beauty acupuncture without stabbing This roller beauty device is equipped with 144 non-invasive acupuncture needles inspired by acupuncture in Oriental medicine. Just glide it over your face line, forehead, and eye area to improve skin circulation. 3,800 yen / Sun Smile **L&L Skin MAMI Massager** Two minutes a day! This [facial massager](https://www.amazon.com/SKIN-Massager-Lifting-Massage-Wrinkles/dp/B09KMPDST8) can easily relieves facial stiffness anytime, anywhere! The cause of a sagging face is stiffness caused by adhesions in the fascia. This causes the muscles to stiffen, which leads to sagging and distortion. This stick-type facial device directly approaches the fascia and promotes lifting. 16,800 yen / B-by-C **Tatsuji Clinic GINZA Clinic "Titan XL** The power of infrared rays to tighten the face line! Tightens and improves skin elasticity. By irradiating the skin with infrared rays that stimulate the dermis (the deep part of the skin that causes sagging), a tightening effect is produced. Thermal energy is applied to the moisture in the dermis layer, and instantaneous contraction of collagen and elastin promotes building, tightening the skin from the inside out. No anesthesia required, only stimulation during cooling. **Natural forme "Facial & Head Light Course** A unique method based on osteopathy to refresh the entire face. Therapist Yoshihiro Kodaira's treatment utilizes the unique elasticity of the bones of the head and face, and adjusts them using only manual techniques. By using cranial suture massage and adjusting the fascia (connective tissue such as fascia), which is the gliding agent between the surface and deeper layers of the face line, distortions and sagging can be corrected and a cosmetic surgery level lift can be achieved. The course also teaches you how to take care of it at home. If desired, oral fascia will also be removed.